Project Information

Project Info

Our Musang King durian planting and cultivation project is a 30-year investment plan. The more mature trees will bear more fruits and a better-quality harvest.

Under normal circumstances, it takes at least 5 years for durian trees to bear fruits, based on our estimation, our project and durian cultivation should begin to harvest from the 6th year in 2027 and projected that an investor would be able to enjoy an endless stream of income until the 30th year.

30 Years Combined Expertise

D Harvest Berhad has combined expertise of 30 years in durian farm management service in Malaysia. We ensure our client remains worry-free on all the crop production or to be involved as desired. With the market favoring durian especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, and China, we strongly believe the long-term profitability is beyond our estimation.

All farms under our care are updated with farming plan quarterly as the management evaluate the current process and result. Our marketing team making sure the sales of the durian fetch the highest price point possible in the market.

All In One Stop Center

All in one-stop center for consultation, plantation, management, distribution, and sales for durian plantation venture.

Durian Plantation Lifecycle

  • Start

    Pre Development Service

    • Soil sampling and suitability surveys of sites
    • Plantation development study

  • Year 1

    Development Service

    • Land clearing, soil preparation, land levelling, irrigation and planting
    • Sourcing of quality and optimal planting materials, fertilizers and pesticides including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides
    • Sustainable development and use of sustainable alternatives to traditional pesticides
    • Planning, designing and establishment of nurseries
    • Creation of company wide policies catered to the specific requirements of clients

  • Year 5

    One Stop Management

    • Complete maintenance and management of plantations
    • Customized managerial agent services including training, supply of personnel
    • Marketing services and sale of produce and harvested products
    • Agronomic services including fertilizer recommendations, plant nutrition management program, pest and disease control and management

  • Year 6

    Harvest, Export and Sales

    • Durian trees to begin grow fruit.
    • Proper harvesting system and distribution.
    • Export and sales. Utilizing full network of exports and sales channel.

Project Map